• Official content up to and including Episode 12, Destruction of Morroc
  • No god items


  • 7x Base/Job EXP
  • 2.5x Quest EXP
  • 35x Drops (logarithmically scaled)
  • 1x MVP rewards/cards

Logarithmic Scaling?

Drop rates are set at “35x”, but this doesn’t tell the entire story. Drop rates on Four Leaf (as a percentage) are given by the following formula:


where ITEM_BASE_RATE is the item’s drop rate as a percentage, multiplied by 100; and DROPRATE_MULTIPLIER is 35.

Doesn’t make sense? Basically, ultra-low drop rate items such as Poring Card receive a boost closer to 35x (in this case, the full 35x, to 0.35%). More common items, such as Empty Bottle, receive a much more mild boost.

The net effect is less suffering grinding for ultra-rare items, without common drops flooding the server.


  • Increased HP/SP regen; greatly increased HP/SP regen out of combat
  • Out-of-combat state begins 5 seconds after exiting combat, down from 10
  • Out-of-combat state no longer incurred by Teleport effects
  • Crafting recipes re-tooled to use base/job level in place of stats
  • Pre-trans 9X exp curve made more linear (~54% of the EXP in this range has been removed)
  • Stat/Skill reset quest
  • Encumbrance threshold increased from 50% to 70%
  • Kafra teleport network linked (teleport from Prontera to Juno for the price of all the legs in the journey combined!)
  • Party EXP share range increased to 25
  • Devotion range increased to 25
  • Tons of custom hairstyles and colour palettes
  • Elemental Converter item buff durations increased from 3m to 20m


Informational Commands

  • @commands
  • @help
  • @rates
  • @uptime
  • @showdelay
  • @exp
  • @mobinfo @mi
  • @iteminfo @ii
  • @whodrops @wd
  • @time
  • @jailtime
  • @hominfo
  • @homstats
  • @showexp
  • @whereis

Functional Commands

  • @noask
  • @noks
  • @autotrade @at
  • @request
  • @arealoot @al
  • @whobuy @whobuys @wb
  • @whosell @whosells @ws
  • @channel
  • @ignore
  • @duel
  • @invite
  • @leave
  • @noask
  • @me
  • @memo