This is the first of the 1.1.x series of patches.
Here we find our first post-launch balance class adjustments,
along with a QoL boost to gunslingers; with more to come soon.


Class Changes


Sonic Blow

  • Now receives a 1.5x multiplier at all times outside of WoE.
  • Soul Link multiplier outside of WoE reduced from 2.00x to 1.34x; combined with the aforementioned 1.5x multiplier, a Soul Linked asssassin will cumulatively have a 2.01x multiplier, up from 2.00x.


Warp Portal

  • /memo and @memo may now be used to memorize most fields in the game.



  • Random bolt level selection removed; bolts are always cast at the highest level permitted by Hindsight.
  • When used to autospell Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, or Lightning Bolt, Hindsight now permits up to Level 7 bolts at level 10, up from Level 3 bolts at level 4.
  • Proc rate adjusted from 5 + (2 * SKILL_LVL)% to 10 + (2 * SKILL_LVL)%; this is a boost from 25% to 30% at maximum level, or a 20% damage increase.


Coin Flip

  • Success rate formula modified from 20 + (10 * SKILL_LVL)% to 20 + (16 * SKILL_LVL)%; this is a boost from 70% to 100% at maximum level.

Soul Linker


  • Now deals damage to Large targets. The in-game skill description is unchanged at this time, and is now inaccurate.



  • Added; @memo <slot> can be used in place of /memo as a more convenient means to memo and keep your memos organized. Using @memo 2 you can, for example, overwrite your second memo slot with the current map, without needing to shuffle that map all the way to the bottom of the list with /memo.