This minor patch adds some quality-of-life improvements and general bugfixes,
and also finally enables access to WoE-FE Guild Dungeons.
The fate of WoE-SE Guild Dungeons and the items within will receive further discussion later.
The next one will contain balance adjustments, and coloured Clip [1]s.


Global Changes

War of Emperium Guild Dungeons

  • WoE-FE guild dungeons are now accessible. If your guild does not own the castle (as of writing, WoE is not active; so this will be the case), a fee of 100,000 zeny will need to be paid upon entry.


  • Limit increased to 700

Teleport / Fly Wings

  • No longer consider cells with warp portals legal targets



  • Teleports to Prontera now drop players off at the fountain


  • The return-warper no longer drops people in the water

Weapon/Armour Refiners

  • Can now refine up to the safe limit, or up to a specified number, all in one transaction


  • Various server runtime improvements