The vision of Four Leaf is one that carries most of the core "spirit" of a time long-past, while softening the rougher edges and providing modern MMORPG amenities. We are not afraid of straying away from the "classic" experience; we will not enslave the server to implementation details from original game. Using a blend of original ideas and absolutely shamelessly copying interesting ideas and features from other servers, we hope to composite a uniquely fun RO experience. If one seeks a truly "classic" or "accurate" experience, one of the many other low-rate servers will better serve that person. But if, rather, one is open to rebalancing and new experiences, Four Leaf RO might be a worthy destination to at least investigate. Multi-clienting is prohibited, and monetary donations are not accepted. There are no rewards for voting, and players cannot pay us in exchange for anything at all. Server administration is equipped to pay for hosting costs for the foreseeable future without needing to rely on community donations of any kind.


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